Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thai Fast: Days 8-10

Days 8 and 9 were relatively uneventful. Evening activity on Day 8 was a bit of Tai Chi and Day 9 was a nutrition talk and coaching on how to break our fasts. We also got to look at lots of lovely pictures of stuff that should be and is coming out of us! You wouldn't believe the stomach plaque and parasites that everyone is seeing leave their bodies. It's downright scary.

During evening activities, around 7pm all the creatures start to come out. Frogs, crickets, geckos, and mosquitos, (Mossies as the Australians here call them), and probably some more unpleasant things. I love the lizards that hang out near the light. I took a picture of one on Tai Chi night. Thanks to Geico I always imagine them speaking in Australian accents!

Day 10 we went on a "moutain walk" which was really just an uphill walk on a road. We went up to a peak that overlooks a little section of the island. On the way we ran into Dha doing her morning exercise. Dha is my favorite masseuse...she really takes care of us! (And yes, hide your disbelief, Stephanie is getting a tan!)

A view of Nai Harn beach half-way up the hill. This is the only beach I've actually been to on Phuket, and there are lots!

On of the views from the top, check out that water and coral underneath!

A few from the group resting at the lookout over a nearby island:

And for all of you that don't believe I'm actually there:


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you look fabulous & happy--but too much information about the stuff coming out of the body lol not really, keep it coming--not literally xo Aunt Joyce

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