Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thai Fast: Days 2 and 3.....The Good and the Ugly

Day 2 I got out and went on the beach trip in the afternoon. It was very pretty, cold water and white sand. This beach had a lot of people on it, but that also brought a lot of shopping and food/drink...which I was of course not allowed to partake in. I was still pretty hungry day 2, but Day 3 proved to be easier to handle.

As you can see, there are a lot of islands right off of the coast of Phuket:

After coming back from the beach and heading out the door to a massage, I mis-stepped and sprained my ankle. That put quite the damper on the afternoon of day 2 and morning of day 3. For 24 hours I couldn't put any weight on it and was hopping around my room to get things or go to the bathroom. Day 3 morning I went to the international hospital and it was X-rayed. No small fractures, just partially torn ligaments. So I got a compression wrap and crutches! Yay! Back on my feet again. By afternoon of day 3 I was already walking better with the crutches and able to put a little weight on it. It seems as if I cannot visit a country without going to its hospitals! This was my doctor:

And sorry if you don't want to see this, but I think it's cool!! This is the swollen and black/blue foot:

I'm just thankful that I'm planning on staying in this one place for another 10-12 days. If I was traveling around it would be most difficult!


Adrian said...

加油!!加油! you can do it

Jessica Campbell said...

It looks like the Lord literally swept you off your feet for the rest of the month, huh?

Hope this time turns out to be a time of TRUE Spiritual and physical renewal. LOVE YA! I can't wait to hear more about this fast.

sticker said...