Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moved to Patong, Zhang Yi comes to town!

After the fast I did raw foods for a bit and then broths and cooked vegetables. Day 17 I finished something like 20+ pounds lighter and feeling very good! I moved to a hotel in Patong, another area on Phuket Island and went Wednesday night to pick up Zhang Yi (Jenny) at the airport. We'll be in Thailand together for one last week before we head back to Beijing.

After she arrived, we had coconuts on the first lunch! How typical, right? This lunch was the first time in my life that I've ever eaten raw oysters,...and I must say that they were fabulous! The Thai served them with a little lime and chili sauce and it was perfect! (Yes, I'm eating seafood, fruit and vegetables now! Nothing else though. It's not hard to keep to that at all in Thailand!)

After lunch we went elephant riding with a third friend from the fasting center. Also a first for me! Our elephant was 32 years old, and the guide was 22.

Saying goodbye was hard! He was such a cute creature...but a bit of a beggar when it came to bananas :)

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