Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thai Fast: Day 13, 14: Food Tomorrow!!!

That's right, day 14 is the last day of the full fast. Tomorrow morning I get to slowly begin "breaking" the fast. For three days I will be allowed 2 green salads, 1 plate of fruit and 2 fruit drinks for the day. This raw food should be spread out over 6 small meals. Your body has trained itself to be in "starvation" mode as it has not had food for two weeks. Small, frequent, raw meals get your body accustomed to the fact that it will have food coming on a regular basis and does not need to store everything. It coaxes the metabolism up to a normal level. Only after a few days of raw can you slowly start adding other things and seeing how you feel. One shrimp here, a few nuts there. Anyway, the thought of starting to eat a little tomorrow is exciting. Lord knows that is all that we sit around and talk about all day!

Saturday, Day 13, we went for a morning walk on the beach. It was a beautiful morning. Lots of folks were exercising and there was a big group of folks training in Thai Boxing.

The evening of Day 14, Sunday, we went on a sunset trip. Wasn't much of a sunset with the clouds, but it draws quite a crowd nonetheless. And it is never painful to look at all of these beautiful islands.

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Anonymous said...

You look Beautiful Stephanie! How much fun to follow you! Donna