Monday, January 19, 2009

Thai Fast: Day 7, Trip to the Night Market

Around 6pm we taxied to the night market in the middle of Phuket Town. There were people everywhere, and surprisingly a lot of locals. The outer ring of stalls were all food items and fresh local snacks, and the inner rings were shopping, gifts, etc. Just a few pics and a quick video for you:

I had to watch as she arrange the kabobs and dribbled the amazing tangy/spicy sauce all over them! I'll have to come back for the tofu kabobs after the fast! No meat allowed that soon!

Selling flowers and knick-knacks.

Finally, a quick video of a small section of the food market:

The shopping was pretty uninteresting at the market. Pretty cheap with a lot of knock-offs. Not much of anything I couldn't find in China. However, we all agreed that we would want to come back after the Fast for the variety of local snacks and treats!

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