Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More "Last" Events

My parents came up this afternoon to help me move out. Only 6 months in this apartment...3 weeks in the last one...one month in the one before that. Does anyone hate moving more than me? I think Beijing will be my longest time in an apartment since I started this program! Looking forward to it :-)
All of the Asian trackers went out last week with a couple of friends and some 3rd year Chinese track friends. The advice was great, laughs were many, and the Thai food delicious. We are already plotting how to get the authentic made-in-Thailand food while we are in Asia!After Thai food came Goat Feathers...a plush little hang-out in Five Points. It was the last visit to Five Points on a Thursday night...Last, but not least...last Friday was our last trip to Salsa Cabana! Indeed the saddest "Last." We danced until we couldn't move anymore and it was a good send-off. Hopefully the dance floor will still be there when we get back!

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