Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Five days in Mexico...

I had a BLAST in Guadalajara visiting the Mexican Trackers for a few days. We did everything from hiking in el Bosque de Primavera, to swimming in hot springs, to seeing ruins at Guachimontones, to dancing all night at La Mutualista, to spending all day in the cute Tlaquepaque suburb, going to Spanish class at Tec with the IMBAs and eating AMAZING food the whole time. It was my very first time in Mexico and I was amazed at how kind the people were. There was never a rude could go on for hours with the taxi drivers, and they constantly encourage people learning Spanish, no matter what the level.

I bought two oranges from this guy just so I could film him doing his sales pitch in the fruit market! The market and the plaza in the centro of Guadalajara were gorgeous.
This next video is the second part of Casa Bariachi's birthday routine. We told them that it was Anand's birthday and they did everything they could to "shake him up" a little bit.

This is the picture that some Mexican trackers hope will win the photo contest! I got the honors of yelling "1,2,3,Jump!" and taking the picture.

A night out at Dali:

I once read that every person is a new door to a different world. I am thankful for so many different and wonderful friends that can teach me so much. I am going to miss those Mexican trackers! Thanks to you all for being such great hosts...I enjoyed every minute!

- Heading to China in exactly 29 hours!!!
- If you didn't get enough and need just a little more to waste your time, you can always check out more photos on Flickr:


Christopher said...

Glad you enjoyed Mexico. I'm so jealous you were able to go down there before heading overseas. I think Alex is going to do the same.

Have a safe flight over to China!! :)

Jessica said...

I loved the videos! I felt like I was almost at the "scene of the crime" while the waiters sang your friend happy birthday... Keep those videos comin'!

I hope you had a safe trip to China yesterday. Love ya, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Hola Stephanie! es la primera vez que visito tu blog! como ya te lo dije, me da mucho gusto que hayas visitado mi país y mi ciudad... y hasta mi familia! es un honor conocerte. Así que échale muchas ganas en China, y felicidades por tu blog. Paco