Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Eggs & Karaoke

After a little push from Aunt Cindy, I realized that no matter how busy one is, the blog must go on!

The job is craziness right now. I went to Shanghai over the weekend to meet two clients. I came back on Sunday morning and we took off again on Monday to drive to Tianjin for the day. Not to mention our main Indonesia client gets to Beijing this weekend. So needless to say, the pace is picking up.

Easter evening we pulled together about 15 friends for dinner. Although we ate Chinese food, I dyed eggs with the stuff Mom sent, so does that count?

And then we played the Romanian egg game from last year again. Strongest egg wins!

Rory actually gave Sarah and I cute little Easter bags with candy!

The next Monday Alex, an MBA classmate that was in Shanghai, was visiting Beijing and insisted we go sing some Karaoke. I love this picture...true Rock-and-Rollers!

The job has picked up considerably and I am doing everything from Marketing to Sales to Financing to Project Management and sometimes getting lost in the process. But it is still a great learning experience, and as you can see, we still find plenty of ways to spend time with the amigos!

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