Monday, March 10, 2008

New Apartment

After our year lease was up in the apartment near the university, we decided to move close to where are internships are located. Since then, we've had some requests for some pics of the new apartment, so here they are! We are in the heart of the happenin' business disctrict (known as CBD in Beijing). Two blocks off of the largest and most famous street in the city. (The street that crosses through the middle of Tian'An Men Square.) So I walk 15 minutes to work, crossing a bridge over this gigantic road. The black building next to the road on the right is part of the China World Trade Center.
(In the morning on the way to work)

(At night coming home) The right side goes west into the city...always jammed up.

And for the house. This is part of the living room, known as the reading corner :)... TV on right, couch on left:

And from sitting in the reading corner...this is the dining area/hallway. But everything moved to the side getting ready for the birthday party :) (Mom, Dad, notice the birthday flowers you sent me on the chest!)

My room, gotta love IKEA!

And the kitchen, which admittedly, Sarah uses more than me:

That's all. No fancy tour like last time, but you got the picture! :)


Stephanie said...

Hi Stephanie Brown, this is Stephanie Edwards from Beaufort. Your dad gave me your blog address and I have to tell you I think this is fantastic. You are creating a really dynamic account of your adventures in China, complete with some really wonderful photos (no surprise). I plan to give out this web address to the Beaufort Rotary Club this coming Wednesday. I think everyone should see what you are doing since our donation to your studies. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Stephanie E.

Anonymous said...

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