Monday, March 3, 2008

Not All Work...

I realized some blogs might be getting too serious and that I should still include some pictures of the fun times in Beijing! Lately I've been feeling like a foreigner because we've been going to a lot of good foreign restaurants and meeting new people. Saturday we had a "Ladies only" night, which was very refreshing, and had a lot of positive energy! Here's 11 gals that showed up for fantastic Indian food! (If you're a Beijinger, I can recommend Mirch Masala in the Houhai area.)

And they surprised me with a couple of the amazing cakes from the company Awfully Chocolate and sang happy birthday, even though my birthday isn't until the 5th!

This is a long table of fellow IMBAs, either in the Chinese track or visiting Beijing in the Global Track program. Believe it or not, we were at a Mexican restaurant! (We were not very good hosts as we chose a good margarita over Peking duck, but they will have other opportunities for that!) There is something so nice about meeting IMBAs, from any graduation year. It just seems like you are meeting more family.

This is Sarah, the classmate and fabulous roommate sampling a margarita with me. We both agreed that night that life in Beijing is bizarre sometimes, because you can go with a table of people from three continents to a Mexican restaurant in Beijing, China to listen to a Filipino band sing American songs. Gotta love it.

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