Monday, April 7, 2008

April is Going by Too Fast!

I can't keep up. Work is running a mile a minute and my family members are all getting impatient that I'm not writing blogs twice a week! :) I am getting ready to launch a product trial tomorrow and go to Indonesia later this week, so accept my apologies. There has been a lot of experiences that I need to write about, but a good start is a couple of pictures.

This past weekend was a 3 day weekend due to a Chinese holiday. Saturday I actually drove my boss's car along with two other friends out to hike outside of Beijing. Driving in China isn't as hard as people think. I might even apply for my license one day! This is us standing in front of the "Giant Buddha" at the bottom of the mountain.

And last weekend we celebrated Adrian's birthday! The party was super fun, and a great chance to bring all the friends together in one place. (Bday boy on the right)

Just having fun...

And blowing out candles...

It's time to register for classes back in Columbia, SC right now. We are having a hard time thinking of life back in school in SC, as we have been in Beijing almost 14 months now. But the day has to come eventually! The truth is, we will have fun and learn new things wherever we go, but its amazing how quickly we became attached to Beijing.