Thursday, March 29, 2007

We're officially spoiled.

This is the life. We had a woman come today and clean because Adrian's mom is coming on Saturday to stay for three weeks. Let me just say...I can't wait to meet a Romanian mother...and eat mother-made will be fabulous. But this woman came from 1:30-6, and it cost us $5.50. That's right. $1.25 per hour. It felt bad, and she refused a tip. Needless to say, we booked her for 2:00 every single Tuesday. :-)
A most interesting construction project has begun outside of our window and we admittedly spend lots of time looking, laughing and trying to understand the charades going on 10 floors below. The first day there was a bulldozer moving dirt and concrete from one pile to another only to start again at 10:30 PM and put it into a truck from the second pile. Why not put it in directly? But this was not the most inefficient sight of the day because right next to the bulldozer was a single guy with a shovel and a wheelbarrow moving a little pile for a total distance of about 15 feet. We watched the scavengers in the picture below trying to get some steel and breaking up the concrete to get to it. The ratio of watchers to doers was about 7:1, and although the hammering went on for an hour, there was never any progress. At least a good show for us!

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