Saturday, March 10, 2007

Videos, Temple of Heaven and Violin!

This is an older video from when we first moved into our apartment and had to pay four months of rent in cash!

And from the YaShow market:

And from my birthday party at our house!

It is pretty difficult to upload videos with the slow internet, so apologies if they are a little late sometimes!

Yesterday we went to see the Temple of Heaven and spent an hour and a half in the pearl market before going home. I love this pearl market, despite it's fishy smell (because there is a fish market in the basement) but the other five floors are full of goodies at very low prices! It is sooo cold that being a tourist is almost unbearable. We decided that we definitely have to come back in warmer weather to enjoy the park.

Another great accomplishment of the weekend was purchasing a violin! We actually went on a search for someone else's hookah, which was surprising hard to find, and stumbled upon all kinds of great spots in the meantime. I met a nice old man with a handful of old violins, and asked him if I could play some. I got the violin, bow, case and rosin for a total of $100. For the quality of violin, this was a amazing deal that I would never find in the states. My guess is that the equivalent set is worth about $1000 in the states.

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Francisco said...

hey! I'm so glad you bought that violin... it is always relaxing and good for the sould to play an instrument... and bet the violin must sound great! ok, next time it would be great to have a video with you performing... I never saw you here...