Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The weekend in review...

I went back to the same part of the Great Wall that I went to two weeks ago because the Rusus and Adrian wanted to go. It was fun because we rented a little van and got a driver and a tour guide for the day, all for about $36. This must have been my fifth time to the wall, but every time I have a great time. The flowers had opened over the last two weeks, making for much more beautiful mountains. I took off in the other direction and got to walk on a part of the wall that was crumbling and had not been restored. We went as far as we could go and then had to turn around.

The best part of this trip was the end. We took a SLIDE from the top of the Great Wall all the way down the mountain to the bottom. We sat on a toboggan thing that only had a break and went for it. We only got yelled at a couple of times for going to fast... I can't wait to go back and do it again!

This was our last dinner with the Rusus before they headed to Hong Kong. This restaurant was really cool- I liked the lamb the most, and the two Chinese girls in the picture are really wearing those crazy square hats.

One night after a particularly good meal, we had to take a picture of what I like to call the "Little Mihaelas.." named after Adrian's mother:

A good weekend! I am looking forward to a fun week: Tuesday- Hip hop concert, Wednesday- birthday party for a friend at our house, Thursday- London Symphony Orchestra, Friday- Classmate's housewarming party. Whenever will we find the time to study for next week's midterms?!

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Paco said...

hahahahaha. Me encanta la ultima foto con Adrian y Sarah... hay que ir al gym mas seguido!