Friday, April 6, 2007

Haircut and Salsa

Another crazy week in China...did a lot of stuff. Tuesday we went out dancing. That's right: a school night. (Don't tell my Mom....she would have wanted to come.) We went to a club called Latinos with a group of 10-12 and did some lessons and then danced it up for most of the night. I met the owner, Antonio and his Chinese manager, David and they sent a free fruit tray to the table. We are definitely going back...I can never get enough Merengue!

Thursday I went and got a haircut! My first one in China. It came out pretty well...a lot more layers than I'm used to...but it's ok. I paid 4-5 times what a Chinese would, but it still only cost $15. I went to a Western place, but a Chinese girl named "Apple" cut my hair. She was rock-starish in style but had good technique. I'd definitely go back!

Friday night we danced again, and woke up late on Saturday to try to get Adrian's vaccine taken care of. We went to three places before we found someone that would do it. Chinese hospitals are always an adventure. But hey! I learned how to say Hepatitis A and B in Chinese :-)

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