Friday, April 6, 2007

Adrian's Bday Celebration!

Sunday was Adrian's birthday and it was a blast. It started at midnight when Sarah, his mom and I all sang and gave him presents. Then we had a drink and a piece of his favorite cake, brought all the way from Romania.

We spent the day getting ready..this is a picture of us with two carts from the Japanese department store. We had to leave our IDs and bring the carts home b/c it was too much to carry!

And then had a huge party Sunday night. There were around 30 people representing 10-12 countries in our apartment, including almost all of our friends and classmates that we have met so far. Yes, the guards came to our door and had to ask us to be more quiet. The music was up and everyone was dancing...but we only turned it down for a couple minutes :-) Sarah's rice-patty hat got passed around quite a few times. The rule was, if you were wearing it, you had to dance...and dance in the middle of the circle! These are just a few of the fortunate folks who got to wear it.

Here is the birthday song video...I apologize that you have to hear me sing!

This was our best attempt at a group shot. We set the camera on timer and got most people in the picture...except for a few that had already gone home:

Last but not least...because it was his birthday, Adrian got a picture with all the ladies! Lucky man...wouldn't you say??

We may be in China...but we still know how to celebrate a birthday! I would have never dreamed that we would have this many friends and peers only 4 or 5 weeks into the trip. We constantly sit back and ask ourselves, "Are we in China yet?"

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Francisco said...

Hey! it looks like you guys had some fun! and some friends as well... good for you! the cake looks good too! Is it true Adrian's mom brought it from Rumania??