Saturday, February 21, 2009

February and The First Snow

Snow came down for a few days in Beijing and was the first precipitation this city has seen in a long time. It was only miserable for one morning as everything was slush and mud. After it warmed up a bit, it just added a nice touch to the trees and buildings in the city. These ladies were walking like me in the first few hours, trying not to slip!

The same afternoon I went to orientation at Tsinghua University, where I will be doing the last credits of my MBA. This is one of the main buildings on campus:

Other notable events were a trip to the Olympic Water Cube to see some Chinese pop music awards:

The stage was built out over the swimming pool and commercial breaks were occupied with fountains and syncronized swimming. Impressive.

There have also been costume parties and dress-up:

Spa days for newcomers to Beijing:

And good eats as we get back into the swing of things with some amazing Beijing restaurants! Check out these delicious dumplings:

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