Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bangkok III: A Cultural Show

On our last night in Bangkok we went to see Siam Niramit, which is a big show and culture exhibition for tourists...a little like a mini-Disney. I enjoyed it nonetheless because it was quite elaborate and showed a lot of traditions, dances and costumes from Thailand!

I loved the intricacy of these ancient Thai-style costumes. Dressed like this they looked like the images of the gods in their temples. The dances were also very beautiful.

They had also built a traditional Thai Village to walk around before the show. They had people performing and making Thai snacks for people before we went in. This one was a coconut treat, very yummy:

Posing with one of the performers after the show:

Before I end the Bangkok blogging, I wanted to throw in a few miscellaneous pictures from events over the last couple of days. One night we met up with some old friends from China. Two Thai and one Japanese classmate that I studied with in Beijing were in Bangkok. We all got together for some Thai food and catch-up time:

We also went to the Bangkok aquarium. Here's ZhangYi checking out a Sting Ray:

This is just me trying to imitate an enormous ugly fish:

Well, that's all from Bangkok folks! I'm leaving to go back to Beijing. Time to get back to the real world. It will be much colder and a lot less beachy,...but somehow I still miss it!


Anonymous said...

Next time I definitely take you to more places in Bangkok or wherever you want. So pity that I'm in Cola haha.. take care/ Sarit

Karen said...

Oh, how I love ugly fish! Someday I'll have one of my own!!