Saturday, May 3, 2008

May is Here

I have been pretty absent on the blog for the last two weeks. Busy-ness plus sporadic internet will do that to you. In mid-April my company rather suddenly bought plane tickets to Jakarta, Indonesia, and I spent two weeks down there in sunny SE Asia. Unfortunately, this was the view most of the time, not the beach...

We gave many sales and technical presentations to Indonesian oil companies, and I eventually learned the language of the Engineers, how to make the presentations, answer their questions, initiate an equipment trial process, etc. It was a valuable experience in terms of sales practice and start-up business in developing countries. The market looks good, and we'll be back and forth quite a bit, so we moved into an apartment after the first week...tired of the hotel. Here's the view of the Jakarta sun setting from our window...not bad!

Now I'm back in Beijing though, and have left my boss down there to continue on. It may be a beautiful place, and the business may be good, but in the end I missed all the people back in Beijing. I'll certainly never be that work-a-holic that can just live without her people!

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