Monday, July 2, 2007

The first celebration for the 4th of July

The American Chamber of Commerce put on an event here in Beijing for a few hundred people last Saturday. The whole thing was interesting. It would have been wonderful without the constant, heavy rain. It was in a resort outside of the city with live music, fireworks, and entertainment, almost all of which was cancelled because of the rain. The funny things was that they called it "Red, White, and BBQ" and got our hopes up for a real American cookout...but this is what they served:

That's right! You are looking at McDonalds and Budweiser. Unfortunately, the only cuisine connected with the U.S. in China is McDonalds...and that even goes for the American Chamber of Commerce! At least we got a chance to dress up in tacky red white and blue outfits and wave some flags around! These kids were particularly patriotic and cute:

No need to worry, we have something of our own planned for Wednesday the 4th...we need to do this thing right!

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