Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The end of the semester and Courtney's BBQ

So I am behind in blogs. I'm sorry! A lot has happened..so I will try to catch up chronologically. The end of the semester was bittersweet because exams were over but we had to say goodbye to those friends that would not do the next semester here in Beijing.

This was our last class get-together. These are my teachers and classmates plus a few guests!

We said goodbye to Courtney with a cook-out at his Uncle's house in a swanky expat section of Beijing. We had a real grill, a real oven, and real cupcakes. Unimaginable! Here are some of us enjoying the spread. His Korean classmates also made some treats, the French provided beverages, the Germans provided pastries, and the Americans provided the meat. :-)

The cupcakes were made by yours truly, and they were so good that Prunelle got a little rowdy and had to smear some icing.

We will miss you Courtney! I hope to see you in England!

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