Friday, December 19, 2008

Fall 2008

Well, it's over. I've done everything I need to do to graduate with my IMBA degree! After we completed the core, I did a year of language study + an internship in China, followed by seven more elective courses. That went faster than I thought! As most of you know, I'm not graduating until May 2009, because I had to pay the last installment of tuition, so I'm going to hang in Thailand/China and take some classes but more vacation until it's time to graduate and be a working girl in June.

Fall 2008 was fast and furious. We got back from China in August knowing that there was a full semester of coursework ahead plus a fast-paced job search, trying to find that perfect something in the midst of a declining economy! Yikes! I went to Atlanta and Washington D.C. to participate in National MBA Career Fairs. Then after that I flew to two company headquarters in Ohio and Minnesota for final-round interviews. All signs pointed in the direction of one company, and I am happy to say that I accepted a position in a two-year Leadership Development Rotation Program with a diversified manufacturing company here in the States. So what is the specific role? Hard to describe. I will get a list of possible assignments and work with the program manager to decide on one. After the first year, I will change roles and do the second rotation in a different job, business unit and location, in an attempt to get a well-rounded view of the company and functions. At the end of the rotation program, I could go in any number of directions, but let's not cross that bridge until we get there :-) I'm excited to be lucky and blessed enough to receive a job offer in this poor climate, and look forward to starting in June!

So now you know the plan! Off to China on Jan 3rd, then Thailand for the end of January for some R&R. I will eventually start classes in February and keep you updated. Now for a few pictures from the Fall!

Moved into a little apartment in Five Points with my sister!

One of the first get-togethers early in the Fall...Sarah's birthday:

The roomies Adrian and Vinoth:

The first day at the career fair, only a little terrified! Look at all of those black suits!

Diwali Dinner, the Indian Festival of Lights:

A group of us out for dinner after a day at the grueling career fair!

Paco and Orlando come from Mexico and Tennessee to visit!

Racing Go-Carts as a stress-reliever during crunch time:

Ladies at the Holiday Party in December:

Going to see Karen's new little baby boy with Jessica!

Visiting Courtney in North Carolina for her 2-year-old's Princess Birthday Party!

And around the Thanksgiving table in Beaufort, SC:

The End! More from Christmas break soon :-)


David said...

Congrats on your job offer! That is awesome!! So...which company?

jwalkercampbell said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON LANDING THE JOB, STEPHANIE! I'm so proud of you! Jessica told me all about it and I just had to let you know how excited I am for you! Merry Christmas!