Monday, June 30, 2008

The Family Pics are In :)

In case you were wondering what my family looks like lately, Katie's wedding photographer just sent us the family pics from the reception. It's been a long time since all six of us have showed up for a portrait!

The above would be the Steve Brown Family and the below would be the Ned Brown Family. There's not a person missing! Ned's three children, their spouses, and all the grandchildren (including the new husband) are present. A day to go down in history :)

In truth, the only thing that might be funnier than all these ugly mugs, is a video of us actually taking this picture! We were all sweaty, getting dust in between our toes, and worried the sun would go down before Ned (grandpa) finished telling everybody where to stand! We made it through with a smile, but groaned gratefully and spilt in a million directions the minute it was over. All I gotta say is at least it was better than the Miller family picture (my Mom's parents) we tried to take in our house years ago, where someone kept passing gas and no one could stop holding their nose or laughing long enough to shoot the picture. Yes, this is what families are made of.


Iago de Otto said...

Why are you learning Chinese? I decided to study it so that I could learn how to read Tang Dynasty poetry in the original. But that was many a moon ago. I suppose that I can read that stuff now, but the reason I began to study the language and the reason I still live in a Chinese-speaking environment are not exactly the same any more.

Iago de Otto said...

Stephanie, thanx for your visit to and comment on my blogspot weblog Chaos Chasm II.

Admirable to want to learn Chinese because of Tang poetry? Perhaps. But as mentioned in my first comment to your blog, that was a long time ago. I came to Taiwan to study in January of '79 with a B.A. in Chinese from the UofOR in Eugene (I'm from Portland). Things happen, they happened, and I now call this little island home, I guess.

Which part of China are you in?

Oh, and by the bye, I came across your blog by clicking along on the "Next Blog" tab at the top of the page of any blogger blog one might be visiting, and it was the wedding pix of family and such that first caught my attention, and only after a bit of a perusal did I come to discover that you are in China learning the lingo. A casual way to pass the time, surfing blogger blogspot weblogs, while at work as an editing consultant at the day gig I have here when there is nothing to be busy with.

Okay, it is just past 5pm now, and I suppose that we might even be in the same time zone, yeah? I'll be boogeying off home in another hour or so. Later.

Iago AKA Douglas

jwalkercampbell said...

Those are GREAT pictures, Stephanie! That IS amazing that no one is missing. And I loved your last story about taking family photos with your mom's side of the family. Hilarious!

Before I forget, I love your skirt! It turned out so great!

Hope you're doing well! God bless.