Saturday, November 10, 2007

Big City, Small World 大的城市,小的世界

Every now and then in Beijing you get the opportunity to bump into people from your school, state or hometown and talk about things like relatives you know, friends you have in common, your favorite places back home, etc.
I tracked down a group from the S.C. Chamber of Commerce that came to China to explore the export market for S.C. companies. I had the opportunity to join them for the ever-popular Beijing duck dinner with the group and their hosts from the U.S. embassy and other organizations here in Beijing. It was exciting to hear about the successful meetings and events that had gone on during their travels in China, everyone seeming optimistic about US- and SC-China relations.
It was also great to meet so many people that knew my family in Beaufort or Aiken, had graduated from my program at USC, or just had authentic Southern accents! (You don't here those in Beijing very often and start to miss them.)

This is a shot of the group crammed in around the tables. Go SC!


Amanda said...

Run into the blog by accident, the little red horn is so pretty.^_^ Of course you can see from my sentences that I'm a native speaker of English, by I interested in the activities you hold, especially the "Korean BBQ", yum yum! Wish you all the best in china, welcome to Beijing!

Amanda said...

God... how could the words display like this. What I mean is: I'm not a native speaker of English, but I interested in the activeities...HiaHia, anyway, all the best and nice weekend!!