Monday, June 11, 2007

Chinese Karaoke...a first time for everything!

Last week was the first karaoke experience at KTV Party World. The place is a mansion with a free buffet, marble walls and floors, chandeliers, and waitors everywhere. It is definitely not the shady bar experience we think of in the states. If it is to be the favorite past-time of an entire country, it must be done right!

The individual rooms are rented out with all the equipment including large TVs, leather couches, computer control system, microphones, tambourines, etc. All embarrassment must be left at the door and you sing as loud as you can because you certainly can't hear yourself! This is Sarah and I doing our rendition of "I Love Rock and Roll."

And Adrian and Jean get into it with maracas!

This isn't a great video (blame Adrian) but at least you can look around the room. Be happy I didn't post the video of us singing "We are the Champions!" The two Chinese guys are Jay and Jason, friends of ours. Altogether we were about 4 foreigners and 7 Chinese. What a night! Beware...if you come might just have to hold a microphone!


Paco said...

ok, but I was waiting a video with you guys singing! did you sing in Chinese?

Hazel B. Pardue said...

Hi Steph,
Cindy just sent me your blogger number and I am happy t get too hear of your venture!! Wonderful!
Love you, Auntie Hazel