Sunday, May 20, 2007

My first mini-job!

I earned my first little bit of money here in Beijing today doing voice recording in English. I was contacted through the school and recorded some stuff for software for an electronics company. It was quite the experience. I spent 4 hours working for $100, was picked up and dropped off by a car, and then treated to dinner afterwards by the three guys that hired me. It was a fun experience, and it sounds like they will be calling me again. This is apparently something that lots of foreigners do here in Beijing, as people are always needed to voice record in languages other than Chinese. I actually got a lot of Chinese practice in during dinner and car rides, so I hope this becomes a regular thing. There are so many little part-time jobs like this one to be found in Beijing, and speaking fluent English is a much more valuable asset than one would think!

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Jessica said...

That's awesome, Steph! Sounds like a blast!!!